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Gurren Lagann Review

From a well known studio that introduced the hit series Neon Genesis Evangelion, here comes another exciting legend of battle and quest from Gainax – Gurren Lagann….. If you want to watch anime that will keep you hungry for the next episode, then this one may fit your search…

Anime Info

In a place where human beings are obliged to reside underground in order to break out from the fright of the tearing Beastmen, Gurren Lagann goes after on the quests of Simon and Kamina (Simon’s friend), who have the vision of going to the surface of the earth. Their dream appears to lie down to become real as a gigantic mecha bumps into the underground village all of a sudden to set fire on humans so that they will fight against the Beastmen and gain back their control on the surface of the earth. This is surely a rewarding show which generated two movies and a video game. Gurren Lagann will definitely delight you with electrifying actions filled with remarkable epic combats and characters.

There are plenty of sites that features Gurren Lagann series but I recommend the site  Find out episodic guides, selective videos, photos, and information from this page. You’d surely love to watch anime more and more once you bring yourself in to the world of Gurren Lagann.


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