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If you have not seen the movie Avatar, then you might be missing one of the best movies ever been made. Before going to the theater, I really have no idea that this movie is that great. The only motivation that I had to watch it was it’s beautifully done trailer and knowing its maker. Avatar was produced from the makers of the highly acclaimed movies like Titanic. Check out the movie’s official website at for more information.

Imagine, the first day of production was way back 2007, 3 years ago before the film was actually released. It took them such number of years to complete the project.Actually, the director, James Cameron said that he already conceptualized the movie many yeras before but because of his super advance concept, the technology was not yet capable of actualizing them. So he waited for the right time and I must say, he did a good job for it.The movie may not be as perfect as it was if pushed without the perfect technology and effects.

Contrary to what I usually do here wherein I say a lot about the movie; I’ll make a difference this time. Instead, I have posted here behind the scenes of the film which I got from YouTube to give you a glimpse of what this movie all about.




Comments on: "Avatar The Movie: (James Cameron Avatar) The Movie Behind The Scenes" (6)

  1. this movie is booked up every theather… so i couldn’t watch it without buying ticket in advace..i really wanna watch it in 3d…


    • it’s already available on the net. of course it’s pretty amazing to watch it on the big scree. Unless you have your own home theater. 🙂


  2. You can watch it here for free and it works


  3. Well I think the whole making of Avatar is simply amazing. Seeing how they made it, well it’s where you really see why this guy makes such a great movies. He’s increadebly creative, a movie genius I must say.


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