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It’s glad to be back and blogging again. It has been months since I last wrote a review of the movies that I watched. Now it’s time to get back to the business.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is indeed one of the most awaited movies of 2009. Ever since the last Transformers movie, it sequel has already been buzzing around the movie goer’s mind. I bet everybody has a background of what transformers

Story wise, I have observed some lapses in the Revenge of the Fallen, I bet some movie reviews have pointed these out to.

Firstly, how come there are only two pieces of energy source remained out the gigantic energy source cube in the first movie?

Secondly, if Megatron was revived by the other piece of the energy source why can’t it be done with Optimus? Instead they used it to revive a decepticon yet helped them to find answers about the fallen and on how to revive Optimus which is odd because he is a decepticon and he is “old”. Do robots get old?

Thirdly, how come people from other places don’t know that decepticons and autobots exist where in fact, a huge fight happened in the middle of the city in Los Angeles two years ago?

Fourth, how were they transported to Egypt which is miles away from where they are when they revived that old decepticon?

Fifth, how come bumble bee didn’t noticed that the girl what a decpticon? Instead he just threw it away and not do other things to warn Sam.

Sixth, why didn’t the primes destroyed that evil decepticon where they can do it anyway? Instead they just ceased it using a certain energy sphere (or I don’t know how it should be termed).

Seventh, is that Sam loses his consciousness and went to a heaven-like place and talked to the legendary primes. It’s the first time I saw a movie with a robot heaven.  And also, Optimus Prime is a descendant of the primes? How come? Do robots have children?

Lastly, if it took three primes to defeat that evil decepticon, how c0me Optimus beat the two powerful enemies just using the scraps of an old decepticon?

Actually, these are all observations. I you were to ask my judgement, I still find this movie superb. Why? Simply because it is entertaining. It has great graphics, it was action packed, and most specially, it got the attention of the masses which made it obviously chart topping.


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