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Slamdog Millionaire


After hearing a lot of feedbacks about the most talked Slamdog Millionaire, I finally had time to site and see for myself why the movie got plenty of awards – Best Motion Picture, Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Original Score (these are only few) in the recently concluded 2009 Golden Globe Awards. Now, does the movie deserve all of these? My answer is a thousand YES!

Slamdog Millionaire is a story depicts the life of an 18-year old orphan boy who once lived on the slams of India.  Jamal Malik, who worked as an errand boy to a call center industry got the chance to play to a multi-million game show – the Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Jamal luckily answered the questions and finally went through the game. Before reaching the 20-Million rupee question, Jamal was arrested and was placed to an interrogation because the host accused him cheating. Jamal then told the police why he was able to answer the question even though he was uneducated. He tells his story and his personal experiences on his being slum, about his brother, and his beloved Latika in every question.


What makes this story great? I must say that this is one of the most realistic movies I saw. Watching it is just like hearing an orphan telling about his hardships and struggles on the streets. The violence, the emotions, the realms of a third world country, and the beauty of love regardless of any situation was nicely presented on the movie. It also showed the kind of life the slams of India has – the children, the women, and the heartless adults. The nicest thing that I like about the movie is the light after dark part. That something good is possible when you just don’t lose hope.

The cast? They’re great! The innocent look and the sad eyes of Dev Patel are perfect for Jamal’s character. Frieda Pinto is really pretty, just the perfect flower on the movie. The rest of the characters are well-suited. This movie’s characters must be the well selected Indian actors.



My verdict… The movie is definitely great! I just don’t like the last part. I think that dancing is no longer necessary. I guess its just part of Indian movie tradition. J


Comments on: "Slamdog Millionaire" (2)

  1. jezebel said:

    the movie is very great……a very two thumbs up to the script writer…no other mind could mend such a creation….. love it!!! this is the first movie which held not only my eyes but entirely my heart….


  2. vhashika maisuria said:

    i realy kiked the movie at school my friend were telling me that they wished they could see you guy’s my friends are still so exited .and i even know that the move has become the best i wish you guy’s a good luck.myname is vhashika maisuria and i live in newzealand auckland


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