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WATCHMEN Movie (2009)


I am really clueless about what WATCHMEN all about. I’m not even aware that it’s an adaptation of they say “famous” comic series. I really don’t have an idea about the movie. All that I remembered why I was interested to watch the movie was its trailer. I find it interesting because of its graphic effects. I did a bit of research about the movie and even searched of the rating at IMDB and it was convincing, it rated 8.5 of 10. My friend who’s also a movie buff confirmed me that it was nice as she has a bit background of the comic series and she agreed it has a nice effects. (She hasn’t seen the movie too and was just also amazed by the trailer).

WATCHMEN is a story about the series death of super heroes that exist during the war between the United Stated and Soviet Union. The apex of the situation started during the death of Edward Blake (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) known as the comedian. Walter Kovacs (Jackie Earle Haley) known as Rorschach felt the urgency of investigating the case and warned his former comrades Dan Dreiberg (Patrick Wilson), formerly the second Nite Owl, the super powered and emotionally detached Dr. Jon Osterman (Billy Crudup) known as Doctor Manhattan and his lover Laurie Jupiter , the second Silk Spectre. To cut the story short, it appears the person behind the killings of the masked super heroes is Adrian Veidt (Mathew Goode) known as Ozymandias, a former superhero turned into a successful businessman. Manhattan worked for Ozymandias to develop a device that can provide energy to the earth. But it turned out that Ozymandias just used Manhattan’s power to create a massive destruction enable to re-direct the focus of Soviet Union and US that leads to the end of war and unity against the powerful Dr. Manhattan.

The verdict, I find the movie “boring” and I tagged it as the 2nd “Beneath Lockness” , one of the worst movie I’ve seen. I think the story is nice because there really is a value and the acting of the characters was acceptable. However, the style of how the movie was made is awful. I don’t know it’s just because I have no idea of the comic series or the movie really sucks. First, the opening credits took almost 10 minutes. Seeing the boring and to long credit already made me sleepy and wondering if I could still a refund. Second the sequence of events is so confusing. For fresh viewer like me who have no background about the story, the movie will just leave confusions and disappointment. The movie didn’t even have the scene why and how they became heroes. Plus, it’s my first time to see a super hero who killed a girl whom he got impregnated. Words are not enough how disappointed I was. For a movie that got a good rating and plenty of viewers falling in line, at least it should have made me say, “Acceptable”.

Because of WATCHMEN, I was able to conclude things; 1. Never trust the graphics alone, 2. Don’t watch a movie if you’re not familiar with the character and for a movie that you’ve never heard before, and 3. Never trust IMDB.


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  1. my immediate reaction to Watchmen is to feel haunted by the intense style and storyline — haunted in a good way that is… overall i loved it


    • catherinegiray said:

      hello there coffee.. its actually great for you that you appreciate the movie. at least you’re not as sorry as me when you watched it. i guess we just had different taste when it comes to movies. 🙂


  2. jus blaze said:



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