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Push is a story of extra ordinary individuals who grouped together to save themselves from the capture of a secret government organization. This organization namely “Division” captures people with powers to make them weapons for war. The Division rounds up psychic experiments on them to boost up their powers and to assemble the most powerful commanding army in the world. Unluckily, no one has ever survived these tests except “Kira” (played by Camella Belle), a “pusher”. Pushers have the most dangerous psychic powers: the ability to control other’s minds and actions.

pushOn the other hand, Nick Gant (played by Chris Evans) is a second generation “mover”, people with power to move things. He has been hiding from Division since his father was murdered more than a decade ago. He lived a normal life in a closely populated place in Hong Kong until Cassie (played by Dakota Fanning), a 13-year old “watcher” came. The young watcher seeks his help to find a briefcase that has $6 million in it. Cassie also told Nick that she envisioned that they should find Kira to help to join them.

Generally, the movie was great. I actually didn’t have an idea what it is all about. A friend told me that Push is a good movie and so I viewed its trailer in the internet. I liked what I saw in the so since its Friday, I asked my cousin to watch movie with me. Push is for all ages. Though the story is very much common, the overall film is nice. You won’t feel bored to any part of it. At the end of the movie you’re sure wish that you have the same powers with them. The effects are good too.



As expected, Dakota Fanning did well. She’s really cute, especially that her role was a young watcher who acts like a complete grown up. Chris Evans was as gorgeous as he is on his “Cellular” movie. Camella Belle is very beautiful and the character suits her well. I really enjoyed Push. I think there will be a sequel of this movie because there are some things that are not resolved yet. I recommend Push to everybody and I am looking forward for the PUSH II. 


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