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Inkheart is a fantasy movie based from the first book of book of the Inkheart trilogy novel written by Cornelia Funk.

inkheart400x267ef3Inkheart is about a 12-year old girl named Meggie Folchart who has been curious about the disappearance of her mother when she was still a child. Her life changes in an instant when she realizes that her father Mortimer or Mo, a bookbinder has a unique ability; every time he reads a book aloud, he can bring the characters into the real world, but it brings a person from the real world to the book as an exchange. When Meggie and her father went to a city, a stranger approached her and learned that the stranger whose name is Dustfinger is acquainted with her father. Mo, that time, was on denial about what had happened to his wife and dragged Meggie away. They went to her mother’s aunt, Elinor. But Dustfinger managed to follow them and confronted Mo about the book, the Inkheart. A group of strangers appeared and captured Meggie, Mo, Dustfinger and Elinor. Meggie learns that all of them will be brought to a mysterious man named Capricorn.

inkheart8Capricorn is also a character in a book that was brought to the real world. He fancied the real world and didn’t want to go back in the book again. He built his castle and seeks for Mo whom he referred to as “Silver-tongued”. He used Mo to read portions in the book that will bring him wealth. Mo, Meggie, and Elinor were imprisoned while Dustfinger discovered that Mo’s wife was no longer in the book and was held as a servant in the castle’s kitchen. Dustfinger made an exchanged promise with Mo that he would help him find his wife in return that he will read him back in the book. They escaped in the castle and searched for the original writer of the Inkheart hoping that they would find a last copy of the book as Capricorn burned theirs. Mo and Dustfinger went back to castle to rescue his wife. Meggie on the other hand was entrusted to the author. By then, she discovered that she inherited the gift of his father; she also is a Silver-tongue. In search for Mo and Dustfinger, Meggie was brought back to the castle in exchange. Actually, the story is really for children. Even of not finishing it, viewers will immediately understand how will they be able to solve do their adventures. The first part is really boring and will leave you clueless. They didn’t even present the origin of the Silver-tongues. Good thing the latter part of the movie was a bit nice. Especially the effects, it was well done and the girl who played Meggie is very pretty.



Meggie Folchart – Eliza Bennett

Mo Folchart – Brendan Fraser

Dustfinger – Paul Betan

Elinor Loredan – Helen Mirren

Capricorn – Andy Serkis


Comments on: "InkHeart" (4)

  1. love the movie soo cool


  2. I agree.


  3. Christina said:

    my fav character is farid he’s awesome!!!!!!


  4. Kayarose said:

    I love this book and movie! 🙂


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