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bleach-3This bleach movie is really awesome! My favorite character in Bleach series Tōshirō Hitsugaya is featured on this movie. Right upon seeing the young captain of the 10th Squad, I immediately fell by the character. Not only is he powerful but also genius and protective. He is strict yet fully dedicated to keep his childhood friend Hunamori away from harm with his promised of killing anybody that would hurt her. Aside from Ichigo of course, Toshiro showed a very promising lead to this movie.


The Diamond Dust Rebellion movie is all about a very special artifact called the “King’s Seal” was stolen from the Soul Society. During the transport, an unidentified Soul Reaper along with his two comrades who controls fire and lightning attacked and stole the artifact. The Captain of the 10th Squad, Toshiro Hitsugaya who was assigned to take guard the transport immediately responded to the incident and cornered the culprit. However, he was stubbed at the stomach and the seemed to be a soul reaper criminal ran away. Hitsugaya chased after him and leaves his squad behind. Because of his action, Seireitei suspects Hitsugaya for treason and ordered for his capture while putting his entire squad on house arrest.

While the Soul Society searched for Hitsugaya, Ichigo ran across with Soifon and learned about what happened from her. Right upon Siofon’s disappearance, Toshiro showed up and passed out. Ichigo brought Toshiro in his house and let him rest. He even told Toshiro to stay while waiting for Inoue to heal him in the morning. Toshiro refused to tell Ichigo about his plans and continued to pursue searching the culprit.

On the other hand, Rukia and Renjie seek for some information about the enemy. Rukia relayed the culprit’s identity to Ichigo. The sould reaper who stole the artifact was Kusaka Sojiro, Toshiro’s friend who was killed from defeating the battle against him. Kusaka and Toshiro we’re formerly asked to battle each other because they have acquired the same power which is a taboo in the Soul Society. Toshiro refused at first but left with no choice with Kusaka started to attack. Toshiro injured Kusaka and the Soul Society executed Kusaka even if the fight wasn’t over yet.

bleach1Upon hearing the story, Ichigo realizes what Toshiro was thinking and decided to seek for him before the army from the Soul Society who was ordered to execute Toshiro find him first. But Toshiro found Kusaka first. Toshiro then learned that Kusaka was revived by turning himself into a hallow and stole the King Seal, which he used to revive himself. Using the King’s Seal, Kusaka transported Toshiro to the Soul society and breaks the King Seal using his bankai. This gives him enormous power that placed the entire soul society into great crisis. The entire army of the Soul Society fought the powerful Kusaka. With the help of Ichigo, Kusaka was defeated and returned into his real form. He and Toshiro had their clash once again. Kusaka was defeated by Toshiro and realized that he was indeed not worthy of the same power Hyorinmaru. Toshiro returned the King’s Seal and was cleared of all his charges. Toshiro Hitsugaya then placed his past to rest.


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  1. Looks like you are a true pro. Did you study about the matter? lol


  2. catherinegiray said:

    nop.. watched the movies several times. 🙂


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