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Camp Rock

It has been a while since a friend gave me a copy of this movie. I was just interested bout it because I saw the music video and I liked it.

Camp Rock

Camp Rock is a Disney musical starring Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. On a personal point of view, this movie is the worst musical I’ve seen from Disney. Compared to the famous High School Musical, Camp Rock is way too behind. I really don’t know what happened to Disney’s standards on musical plays.

Camp Rock is definitely a no special musical. The story is very typical, there goes a girl who has a dream and wanted to belong. So she lied about her real identity to befriend with the famous. Even at the start of the movie you can already tell what’s going to be next and so on. Plus the musical sucks. The teens have talents maybe, but the choreography is very awful. You won’t even appreciate any musical scene. As if you we’re just seeing a group of high school students practicing for their P.E. presentation.

camp-rock-21Demi Lovato who played the role Mitchie Torres is a talented high school girl who wished to go to a summer camp where young singers, dancers, and musicians gather to workshop and showcase their talents. Thanks to her Mom, Mitchie was accepted as a participant for the summer camp named Camp Rock. Her mother was chosen to be the official cook of the camp and with that, Mitchie’s tuition fee is discounted. Mitchie helped her mom and at the same time participated with the workshop. There she met Caitlyn Geller played by Allyson Stoner, an aspiring musician and record producer. Mitchie and Allyson get along well until the group of Tess Styler, played by Meaghan Jette Martin came to the picture. Tess is a daughter of a famous actress and with so came in as the queen of the camp. Tess wanted to be always on the limelight so she eliminates anybody that threatens her fame. Mitchie was astonished on Tess’ presence so to be accepted by them, she pretended to be a daughter of a China based company president.


On the other hand, Shane Gray, played by Joe Jonas is a spoiled member of a famous rock band was thrown by his fellow members (Nick and Kevin Jonas), to the Camp Rock to be one of the Trainers and soon do a duet with one of the campers. Shane heard Mitchie sing but do not actually know that the one singing is Mitchie. Shane liked the voice and wanted to have a duet with her but the voice’s owner remained hidden. When Mitchie started to get famous because of her talent, Tess ruined her reputation by revealing that Mitchie was lying about her identity. Shane who started to like Mitchie was turned off and accused her that all she befriended was his fame. Tess was not contended and made an issue about her missing bracelet which was found at the kitchen. And since Caitlyn was with Mitchie that time, both of them we’re grounded from the final camp show. The final camp will allow the winner to have a recording with Shane Gray.

But Mitchie and Caitlyn sneaked their way in and made a great show. Mitchie sang in front of the crowd with her own composition and was finally recognized by Shane as the voice he has been looking.


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  1. chelsea coogan said:

    omg i love camp rock now. i didnt used to untill my sister got me into it demi and joe you are great at singing 🙂 you actually suit each othe .:) hey can you email me back
    love it if you would bye guys xxxxxxxx btw i love to sing and dance too


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