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Kaze no Stigma


Kaze no Stigma is an anime series about a boy namely Kazuma Kannagi who is unable to use En-Jutsu, a hierarchical ability to use flames as a power. He was considered useless and was banished from his family by his father when he was defeated by Ayano Kannagi, one of his relatives and his rival to the successor ceremony for Enraiha, his family’s sacred sword. Kazuma went somewhere far from his family and met a girl namely Cui-Lin whom he fell in love with. By then, Kazuma forgot his goal of becoming powerful and wished to live a simple life with her. But fate forced him to regain his goal as Cui-Lin died from being an offer to summon demon. Kazuma blamed himself from failing to protect Cui-Lin, and once again sought for power.

Kazuma became a contractor; he made a contract with the Wind Spirit Lord. This made Kazuma extra powerful and was able to draw up all wind spirits around him. He can even heal himself using his wind power. After becoming a wind mage, Kazuma went back to his country to materialize his revenge but things didn’t turn out the same way as he reunited with his former rival Ayano and his younger brother Ren, the successor of their family. Soon, killings on Kannagi family occur and Kazuma was asked to discover the culprit behind the series of murders.

This anime series was referred to me by a friend. Right upon watching, I already like this series. I describe this anime as “no dull moments” since right from the start there’s already action. It even made me more interested because at the beginning of the movie, you would think that the main character Kazuma is misinterpreted as the major antagonist. But as you further watch the series, you will sure to appreciate Kazuma. He is a perfect example of a neglected son who has proven himself to be the most powerful kind throughout that history of their clan. I really recommend this series to all the anime lovers.


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